Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week Anim: Baby, It's Cold Outside‏

*cue punchdance 80's track*
*cuts music*

Kumusta, everyone! So we're on week six now. Are these weeks passing by quickly for you? Because uh, the last three have blown by for me. I'll be home before I know it. That's really weird. So because this week blew by really fast, I don't have much to report. Nothing happened that was terribly exciting, sorry to disappoint. Next week's email will be INSANE since it'll be after my first week sa Pilippinas, and I'll no doubt have a list as long as my arm with information. I don't know when my prep-day is there though, so it might not be until Monday. So if I don't email at the usual time, I promise I'm not dead.

So last Saturday, we went to the temple. I saw Margaret again, which was super awesome, and then did a session. After the session, we stayed at the temple because they apparently have a cafeteria downstairs, and we ate incredible chicken parmesan and cake, which made us so incredibly happy since we've been eating MTC food for far too long. Hindi mabuti, ugh. So that was yummy.

On Sunday, I sang "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" in sacrament meeting, which was wonderful. It felt so good to perform, to sing, to make people happy with music. I got lots of compliments afterward, and Sister Shaw told me that she learned something new when I sang. Party bonus. I was so happy to do it.

This week, we taught our investigator the Word of Wisdom. Boboy was really hesitant, because he said it was really mahirap (hard) for him to give up smoking. But he committed to it, and guess what? HE COMMITTED TO BE BAPTIZED. Like, I knew it was only pretend, only practice, it wasn't a real commitment, he didn't really hand us his cigarettes (he gave us an eraser, ha), but it was still such a good feeling. His baptismal date was set for today. So "Boboy" is baptized now. We didn't get Nel to commit, but we feel really good about his progress too.

Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles came and spoke to us on Tuesday. The choir sang "Redeemer of Israel" (we rocked it) and then one of the senior apostles stood up and took the stand. He spoke a lot about the Philippines, which was amazing. He told us this story about a group of missionaries that were trying to fly out of Tacloba, and even though they had tickets, they were being shuffled off the flights by people who were throwing down tons of money for rides out before the storm hit. Huddled together, the missionaries didn't know what to do. Then, an army man who was flying supplies out walked by them by chance, and happened to stop to ask them who they were. They told him they were missionaries and that they were just trying to get out, but they didn't have a way. The army man, a nonmember, looked at the missionaries, looked at his cargo plane, and then said, "Come on". The army man took three trips to fly our missionaries to Manila. It was such a huge testament of God's care for the missionaries. Elder Perry spoke a lot about strengthening your companionship too. It was great. 

We got to go off campus on Thursday! My back was hurting so I had a Chiropractor appointment. Dr. Matt McClean was very nice, adjusted me very well, and taught me some stretches that I can do to make my back feel better. I also got to try this electrode thingy on my back that made me feel like there were wires in my back being tugged. Twas weird. We went off campus a SECOND time that day because Sis Rich broke her retainer. The ortho's office was trying to be hip, so they had a beach them. "Fergalicious" came over the speakers, and I won't lie to you, even though Sister Richmond and I were trying so hard not to break composure, we started mouthing the words. Oopsie. The ortho office then sent us on our way with mango slushies. Score.

On our way back to class, a random guy (a plant) stopped us and talked about how he was a nonmember who was investigating the church. We set our slushies down, whipped out our scriptures, and taught a ten minute lesson. Even though it was just in english, it felt so good to bear our testimonies and explain to this guy why we love being missionaries. 

Yesterday was in-field orientation. I don't have much to say other than it was nine hours long and it was tough to not fidget. But it was pizza night, so that was fun. Brother Kovach taught us how to ride, what to say, and how to act whilst riding a Jeepney, so now we're prepared!

We are saying goodbye to our teachers tonight. Brother Roxas and Brother Kovach have taught us so much. Brother Roxas has one of the strongest spirits I've ever felt and Brother Kovach is always so fun. Brother Kovach showed us pictures of the real Boboy and told us about his conversion story. I'm so lucky to have examples like them!

Next time I email, I'll be in the Philippines. CRAZY. Send me your prayers, and maybe dearelder me some encouragement. I hear the first week is pretty crazy. But it'll be all good. I'm excited to finally get out there. 

It snowed today, hence the title. It stopped after an hour, but they were big beautiful flakes. They danced as they fell! It was like God gave us a gift to treasure before we leave.

Mahal Kita!

-Sister Green

"My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark" - Fallout Boy (ALL DAY)
"Baby, It's Cold Outside"
"I Can't Say No" - Oklahoma
"Wandering Child" - Phantom
"I Will Wait" - Mumford & Sons

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