Monday, February 17, 2014

Week Labing-Siy​am: The Good, The Bad, and The Transfer

Good 'morrow, my friends and family! Can you believe that I've almost been out twenty weeks? I can't. I mean, of course, some days it feels like I've been hear forever, but at the same time, I remember leaving my mom at the airport like it was kahapon.

I had a very chaotic week, that was a mixture of good and bad. Of course, I'm happy to be a missionary, happy to be working, happy to be serving the Lord. Always. But I'd be lying if some weeks weren't a struggle. 

Look at me, I'm making this email seem all sad. It's not! The goods outweighed the bads here. I got a monstrous package from Sister Barton, my brother's seminary teacher, which was literally one of the nicest things ever. Some of my favorite foods, a gingerbread house kit, and an elephant necklace! Ah! So happy!  

First of all, let's talk about transfers. Transfers were on Tuesday. The Assistants to the President stand in front of the room, smiling like demented sadists who enjoy drawing out the suspense of it all and making us squirm. Meanwhile, the rest of the missionaries sit on the benches, waiting to here where their next area is, and then, who their new companion is. Sister Pace's new kasama is the wonderful Sister Lang, which is very awesome since we get along. Next was me. I sat in extreme anxiety, feeling like I was going to throw up. But my worries were in vain. They announced "Sister your new companion...Sister Siola'a!" My new companion happens to be Sister Pace's former (and one of her favorite) companion from a while ago, and Sister Coleman's (my batchmate from the MTC) trainer. Sister Siola'a is from Tonga, she's super nice, and she's a crazy good harmonizer. I already feel super-charged by her. I'm ready to buckle down and make some changes in the area now. I'm ready to make some progress!
The mornng of transfers was tough though. I got a text from Laarni, the investigator I was super excited about, and she doesn't have enough money to stay in Daraga, so she's moving back to Pilar, about an hour away. No more Laarni. I was basically crushed.

Prescilla, my recent convert, was really sick this week. She was in the hospital for a night. We saw her in church though, so hopefully she's doing a little better.

I finished Jesus the Christ. That is one quality book if you have the time. I feel like I have such a stronger knowledge of my Savior's life now.
The bad part of the week was that I fasted for an investigator of ours to attend a baptism in order to observe and feel the spirit. And no one came. I was so frustrated and angry at myself, thinking that I must have done something wrong that disqualified me for that blessing. Some of that perfectionism-twisted-thinking again, yuck. I know that everyone has their agency, but sometimes it's easy to think that I just wasn't faithful enough. I forgot my purpose, which is to invite others to come onto Christ. My job isn't to force them into conversion. I'm an instrument. But in my discouragement, I forgot that. After the baptism, I asked Elder Brown and Elder Madsen for a priesthood blessing. I felt awkward asking, like it was a sign of weakness, but the AP's told me that asking for help was a sign of humility. I guess I hadn't thought about it that way. And then, when Elder Madsen blessed me, one of the first things he blessed me with is that I would remember my purpose. I hadn't even told him that that was one of the things I was stressed about, and there it was. I felt the spirit course into me. I felt good for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, though it had only really been a few hours. It was a reminder to me that God is taking care of things in his time and that I just need to be patient. Even though a lot more disappointments have come this week, I'm trying to remember the tender mercies of the Lord. My trials make me stronger anyways, even though they hurt sometimes. I'm just trying to remember that blessing. It helped me so much and gave me so much encouragement.

While tracting and OYMing with Sister Siola'a, we had some major success. We met a woman named Annie, who is so nice I could die, and who we have a set appointment with, then we met with Rhea, an investigator that easily absorbed the LDS belief of living prophets and told us she believed us, and then, our crowning moment of happiness was with Melinda. She looked rather uninterested in us but allowed us to sit down. We mentioned church on Sunday and though we didn't teach her, we just started talking about our Sunday schedule and the programs the church has. She immediately said, "What time? I'll come." At first, I didn't allow myself to believe her. But as we kept talking, she just kept saying that she'd come with her kids. The next day, although late, she actually came! With three of her children! Her kids enjoyed primary and she said that next week, she wanted her other child to come AND she said she'd invite her sister! We haven't even taught her a lesson yet, and still she's already dedicated to coming to church. I have really huge hopes for her and her children. If we had given up tracting because we were tired and hot, we would never have met her. I'm so thankful for God's gentle pushes to continue. When I've done all I can do, if I just push a little harder, that's when the blessings come.

Valentines day, I sang "It's Friday, I'm in Love" in my head (whoops) and we used the gingerbread kit to make a "Love Shack" to celebrate our loveless holiday. Super fun. I'll include pictures.

Everything is good. This week was hard, but I know everything will be okay. Just a mountain to climb, right? 

I hope all of you had a good week. Sorry this week's email is a little short, I'm low on time. Keep me in your prayers, won't you? You're the best.

Love, Love, Love,
Sister Green

No Earworms this week! Can you believe it?

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