Monday, April 7, 2014

Week Dalampu-An​im: I'm Baking Like a Toasted-Ch​eeser

Hey everyone. Forgive me if this email is short. I haven't decided whether or not to write a big one. I'm mostly just trying to focus on staying awake because all I want to do for my preparation day is sleep. It's too hot to function right now.

I had a good week. It was a little hard because I somehow again contracted a cold, so I've been sniffling all week. Colds in the Phillies are the worst. I've also been having headaches because of the heat and I'm probably not drinking near enough water to sustain myself, so there's also that. But heck, I feel good on the inside. Don't any of you be worrying about me. I'm doing excellently. 

We ate too much this week. On Saturday, we had two dinner appointments, two hours apart. We thought we could easily do it, but the first appointment fed us spaghetti, rice, chicken, beef, lumpia, veggies, cake, and buko salad. I ate little bits of everything and tried to deny everyone's urges for me to eat more, but they sent us out the door with plastic cups of more buko salad and lumpia. We gave the extra food to some girls sitting on the side of the road and walked around teaching where we could for two hours. We felt so full and so sick, the grease from the fried food not agreeing with us, but then we had to go to another member's house for another appointment. I ended up telling the hostess that my stomach hurt, so I only ate more buko salad and pushed food around my plate. She kept urging us to eat more, but we just couldn't. I think she might have gotten a little offended, but we smoothed her over with a good lesson. Lesson learned, people. Never have more than one dinner appointment. Don't do it. Don't eat the buko. We were near death by the time we got home.

Sister Siola'a, in case you had forgotten, is from Tonga, and she is one heck of a dancer. She knows the Hula and a million other dances, but she and her sisters have been dancing since they were kids. She's amazing at what I call "Tongan dancing". Her hips can move at lightning speed, like hula-hoop champion over here. So naturally, I asked her to teach me, since I have as much dancing skill as a log. So she taught me a few basic moves. I'll be a Poly-dancing pro before I come home. Be ready for that.

I'm going to start teaching English today, since the class is too big now for just two teachers. I'm really excited, though really scared as well. Updates on that to come. 

Melinda and Annie are progressing insanely. Annie came to church for the first time and had a really great experience. We had fasted that day, so it was so nice to see the fruits of our labor really manifest. Melinda understands doctrine so easily it's ridiculous. She read Alma 40, which is not an easy chapter for investigators to just pick up, but she gave us an entire summary about it. Annie asked good questions during church and turns out she's related to a recent convert. We finally have a fellowshipper! 

We taught a woman, Maria Ines, about prophets and Joseph Smith. We weren't going to go that far because she didn't look interested, but then she was asking questions and she said, "I agree, there are so many churches here on the earth. And I know there has to be a restoration. So what did Joseph Smith do about it?" So we went for it, told her the story, invited her to pray to know if it's true, and then we asked her when she did if she would be baptized. And she said yes. Two lessons, and this super awesome lady who I didn't think was interested at all said yes to the baptismal challenge. CAN I GET AN AMEN?

I was very happy this week. Despite the sickness at the heat, I feel grand. Despite the rejections every day, we're finding hidden treasures. Ooh, that's awesome. Life is awesome. Oh, Standard for five weeks now too!

You all stay cool, folks. 

Sister Green

1) "What Does the Fox Say?" (A jeepney was blaring this and I thought of my friends and how ridiculous life is)

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