Monday, April 14, 2014

Week Dalampu-Pi​to: Six Months

I was in the hospital this week...

Okay, that's a lie. Or at least a partial one. I spent a few hours of the day after my sixth month anniversary in a hospital room with a less active. She's super nice and she cried during our lesson and kissed my cheek. In other news, I don't want to ever have to go to a hospital here. 

I am six months, going on seven months, I know that I'm still green...
Filipinos I meet could tell me I'm sweet, but I'm still not sure what they're saying...
I need a companion older and wiser telling me what to do-o,
She is 13 months, going on 14, she'll translate for me!

Okay, I know. Not my best work. I've been trying to think of lyrics all week, and my creative juices are not tripping and falling over stones on its way through the hills with the sound of music. More like the opposite.

Six months, people. I've been on a mission for six months. That's half a year already. I am officially one third done with my mission. That was fast, though then again, it seems like I've been forever. Everyone is telling me that after six months, it'll fly. Which is just really weird to think about. 

Bear with me if this is a little scattered - I'm almost out of internet time and goodness gracious I'm typing fast.

I had exchanges with Sister Lang this week in her area, which were super fun. Made me happy to see a new area. We tried visiting this woman named Janet and then this man named Caesar, but both of them are gone, so now when we get frustrated we yell "JANET CAESAR" and it makes me laugh. 

Sister Siola'a and I went to Cena Una for my sixth month celebration, which was fun. We took pictures with the waitresses, since we're regulars there. 

Sister Siola'a and I came home one night. The other sisters weren't home yet and then night was breezy, so we kept the lights off, dragged two chairs outside and looked up at the moon. We just quietly talked about how awesome it is that God gave us a moon to look at. I hummed to myself one of my favorite lines from a favorite song, "The night is dark, and I am far from home - lead thou me on!"

General Conference was this week. Missionaries got to attend all four sessions at the Stake Center, which was awesome. I really loved spiritually recharging like that. My favorite talk was by Dieter F. Uchtdorf, about gratitude. He said we have to have "an attitude of gratitude" and "don't be grateful of your circumstances, be grateful in your circumstances," which spoke to me since sometimes it's hard on the mission and feeling grateful is tough. 

So here's me, trying to be grateful in my circumstances.

I really love how Filipino people endure. Like, Sister Lang told me a story about a family on Masbate, an island in my mission. This is a family of seven and they hadn't eaten for two meals. It was so hot outside and they literally didn't even have a cup of rice to eat. They took a nap because their energy was gone, but the dad had to go find work or food or they'd die. He went outside and found a single guava on the ground. He took that home and split it between his wife and five children, giving most to his two year old. I marveled, and continue to marvel at the strength of these people. They don't have much. Some are literally starving. But they continue, and not only do they continue, they smile. They still believe in God, though they don't even have food for their children. I am inspired every day by their strength, physically and emotionally.

I love how Filipino people are kind. Literally, when we passed by an investigators house, having only taught her once, we waved and said, "Kamusta?" and the first thing she said was, "KAIN!" waving to her table, or "EAT!" People I haven't even met drag me inside and feed me things. The people here are humble. So even though I'm rejected a lot, I know I'm accepted a lot more than missionaries in other countries are. So I'm grateful for that.

I'm grateful for today's rain.

Still doing well. Getting over my cold hopefully soon. Sorry that this email is literally the worst thing ever. I'll do better next week, I promise! 

Be grateful this week!

Sister Green

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